10 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands Now

Crowning most adventurers’ bucket lists is a trip to the Galapagos Islands. The archipelago of 19 islands is a spectacular paradise of sight, sound, and activity.
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The Top 5 Restaurants in Hobe Sound

Visitors flock to Hobe Sound, Florida for its distinctive, laid-back vibe. From the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic coastline to lush parklands, Hobe Sound offers something for everyone. And when it’s time to enjoy a meal, nothing tops the area’s most illustrious restaurants. Here are the top five, can’t-miss restaurants to visit while you’re enjoying your time in Hobe Sound. Once a humble, tourist-friendly cafe, Harry and the Natives is recognized today as one of the top restaurants in t

Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn is a crossroads full of retail, art and residences all at once. The area was sparsely populated until 1814, when ferry service from Manhattan created massive growth, developing the neighborhood into a commercial center. Later, in 2004, a residential boom took off when the neighborhood was rezoned, allowing for the construction of new condos, townhouses, and apartment buildings. Many of these Downtown Brooklyn apartments have sweeping views of the borough as well as the Manhatta

Dyker Heights

Once dubbed the “handsomest suburb of New York,” because of its elegant planning, large lots, and site with a commanding view, Dyker Heights consists of numerous homes for purchase as well as condos and apartments for rent. While properties in Dyker Heights include condos and cozy brick rowhouses, one and two-family homes for sale — some in the original Queen Anne style, some Mediterranean Villas — are the highlight of the neighborhood. Located in southwestern Brooklyn, Dyker Heights is a charm

4 Family-Friendly Staycation Ideas in Manhattan

Whether you’re watching your wallet or want to get to know New York City on a deeper level, you can experience plenty of local thrills just by planning a staycation. After all, life doesn’t always afford the opportunity to get away on a real vacation. An intimate staycation with the family is the perfect way to bond and reconnect with the city you love. While you may have chosen to avoid the throngs of tourists crowding the museums this summer, now is a great time to explore those areas. A 12-m

Things to Do in Baltimore

Maryland’s largest city is renowned for its spectacular Inner Harbor, but there’s more to Baltimore than its magnificent waterfront. This historic city dates from the early 18th century and is renowned for its versatile landscape of attractions and activities. Be prepared to spend several hours exploring the beloved National Aquarium. The property is dived into multiple sections and includes an amphitheater. There’s an on-site café for those who need a break. Bear in mind that tickets vary base

Yoga Resort Koh Samui: The Yoga Scene

Boujis Boutique Resort Koh Samui redefines the luxury and relaxation travel experience in many ways, from its elegant villas and yoga shala to its breathtaking grounds. Just as resplendent is the property’s wellness scene. Only at the resort can guests partake in delightful morning Vikasa yoga classes while enjoying splendid views of Chaweng Bay. The water views alone will establish a sense of immediate calm. Even the path to the yoga studio is like something out of a fairytale. Shaded by deep

How Travel Agency Blogs Inspire Vacation Wanderlust

A traveler’s whims know no bounds. Agents recognize that this zest for adventure and curiosity holds a world of potential, so they utilize the agency’s blog as a key tool in their marketing strategy. They appreciate that travelers want something more inspiring than a generic hotel description and a few words of praise for some far-flung destination. The digital age makes it vital for travel agencies to operate from a technological angle while continuing to practice old-school methods of attract

Six Email Newsletter Strategies That Every Hotel Needs

Whether a luxury property or a lower-tier lodge, all hotels have the same end goal of drawing as many customers as possible. Today, that’s almost impossible to achieve without a quality email newsletter. Sending email newsletters is by far the most effective, efficient and straightforward way for hotels to communicate with existing and potential clientele. But what makes them effective? As it turns out, there’s a lot more involved in producing a successful email newsletter than composing a few s

Beyond the Blog: Expert Content Strategies for Travel Brands

Gone are the days when travelers relied on guidebooks, maps and travel agents. The modern globetrotter turns to the digital world to gather information before setting off on that much-anticipated vacation. While there’s certainly a place for those old-school resources, nothing connects travelers better than online content. Travel businesses understand that tapping into this segment is really the only way to make an impact on the largest possible audience. There are so many content strategies for

Savvy Content Marketing Strategies from Top Travel Brands

Just a passing glimpse at the travel industry today reveals that the tenor has changed tremendously in recent years. Hotels, airlines, travel agents and destinations all brand their products on a grand scale, superseding previous methods of promotion in favor of content marketing strategies that reach a wide range of consumers. Some are existing customers; others are mere possibilities. Travel businesses have reshaped their overall strategy to deliver content beyond the four walls of their own b

10 Game-Changing Carry On Bags

That feeling of dread you encounter as you’re packing for a long-haul flight is pretty typical at this point. You stash your things in various positions, contort your possessions every which way, and hope your bag will magically transform into something out of Harry Potter. They may not be "magic," per se, but here are 10 of the most outstanding carry on bags available at the moment. Not only do they make it easier to fit all of your in-flight essentials, they’re also just plain stylish.

What Airlines Get Right About Content Marketing

Every brand in the world wants to engage its customers, but this is particularly vital to the travel industry. After all, airlines often get a bad rap. Complaints abound from delayed flights to uncomfortable seats to soaring ticket prices and baggage fees. Is it any wonder that effective content marketing is such a critical element of an airline’s agenda? Here’s how these companies best connect with customers. Often speedier than dealing with customer service at the airport, Twitter offers cust

Why Bed & Breakfasts Provide a Unique Experience

Bed and breakfasts have come a long way since their inception in the 18th century. Once merely simple, cost-affordable options for weary travelers, modern B&Bs redefine hospitality with luxurious accommodations and valuable amenities that bring all of the creature comforts of home. At the Inn on the Paseo, guests find all of this and so much more. Older B&Bs were often quite basic and understated. Today, properties run the gamut from old-school to unconventional, and many of them cater to eclec

Experience Euro Spa Treatments Along the Gaviota Coast

A luxury lover's paradise, Bacara Resort & Spa is a secluded destination offering spectacular views of the shimmering Gaviota coastline. On sprawling grounds, stunning rooms, suites and villas capture the getaway's serene ambiance. The standout for beauty devotees is the 42,000 square foot spa, a stone's throw from several of the villas and fronted by palm trees and a zero-edge saline pool. A sanctuary for mind and body, the luxurious Spa at Bacara features a menu of European- and locally-influ

5 of the Quirkiest Hotels in America

A hotel can easily make or break the tenor of your trip. A shoddy motel on a shady side street? Not so much. Luxuriously palatial quarters with a spa and five-star dining? Sign us right up. And then there are those hotels that don't fit quite so neatly into such black and white categories - the misfit hotels, if you will, that step outside of traditional lodging comfort zones and enter entirely different, often unexpected realms. Here are five of the quirkiest hotels in America that you'll actually want to check out.
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