4 Family-Friendly Staycation Ideas in Manhattan

Whether you’re watching your wallet or want to get to know New York City on a deeper level, you can experience plenty of local thrills just by planning a staycation. After all, life doesn’t always afford the opportunity to get away on a real vacation. An intimate staycation with the family is the perfect way to bond and reconnect with the city you love. While you may have chosen to avoid the throngs of tourists crowding the museums this summer, now is a great time to explore those areas. A 12-m

Yoga Resort Koh Samui: The Yoga Scene

Boujis Boutique Resort Koh Samui redefines the luxury and relaxation travel experience in many ways, from its elegant villas and yoga shala to its breathtaking grounds. Just as resplendent is the property’s wellness scene. Only at the resort can guests partake in delightful morning Vikasa yoga classes while enjoying splendid views of Chaweng Bay. The water views alone will establish a sense of immediate calm. Even the path to the yoga studio is like something out of a fairytale. Shaded by deep

Things to Do in Baltimore

Maryland’s largest city is renowned for its spectacular Inner Harbor, but there’s more to Baltimore than its magnificent waterfront. This historic city dates from the early 18th century and is renowned for its versatile landscape of attractions and activities. Be prepared to spend several hours exploring the beloved National Aquarium. The property is dived into multiple sections and includes an amphitheater. There’s an on-site café for those who need a break. Bear in mind that tickets vary base

Doctors Discuss Reports of Breast Cancer Being Linked to Breast Implants

Breast implant surgery is a common procedure. Naturally, patients who are undergoing the surgery will have a litany of questions and concerns that they wish to address beforehand. One of the more common questions we have received in the recent months is a link between breast implants and breast cancer. Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is a very rare form of T-cell lymphoma that may develop around breast implants. This is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that a

Why Am I So Tired? The Fatigue Phenomenon

It’s no secret that we all live frantic, fast-paced lives. Between families, relationships, work and friends, there’s little time left to focus on our own well-being. Is it really any wonder that we’re kind of exhausted all the time? Turns out that being constantly tired is something of a phenomenon. Beyond general sleepiness that may occur if you miss a couple hours of your usual eight-hour block (or six or seven, if that’s your normal routine), chronic tiredness manifests itself in different

Beauty Tips: 10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Look

If you're guilty of wearing too much blush, you'll know it — and so will the rest of the world. Fix the TMB problem by dusting your preferred face powder directly over the areas hardest hit by OTT blush. This will kill the intensity, resulting in a much lighter, more natural glow. What's That on Your Teeth? Is there anything worse than not even knowing you're wearing lipstick on your teeth during a date or meeting? Avoid this makeup faux pas by doing the ol' finger trick — just place a finger in
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