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Lea Michele's Brunette Ambition

She's known for her role on Glee, her incredible vocal talent and her knock-'em-dead sense of style. In the middle of all of that, actress and singer Lea Michele somehow managed to work the role of author into the mix, too. The result: Brunette Ambition, The New York Times bestselling must-read lifestyle book that navigates Michele's tips for living healthily, happily and glamorously. The colorful book is a peek inside the life of one of television's most beloved young actresses, but Brunette A

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga Florabotanica

Some consider real life an escape from work, but it’s possible Kristen Stewart is doing just the opposite these days. Coming off a rather controversial summer, the Twilight actress is all business again as the face of Balenciaga‘s new fragrance, Florabotanica. The scent is a complex rose – one that feels airy and inviting and simultaneously dark and dramatic. It’s an edgy composition that veers gently into romantic territory, but doesn’t quite remain there. To wit, it’s described officially as a

Fashion On Film - Volver

Volver is a beautifully directed, visually stunning film starring Penélope Cruz as Raimunda, a voluptuous beauty who exudes a saucy, hypnotic vibe. The film's title, which means "to return" in Spanish, refers to Raimunda's deceased mother, who some suspect has returned from the dead. Get ready to embrace your femininity if you want to employ Raimunda's ravishing look and make it your own. The film makes smart use of vibrant hues, and they're a key part of Raimunda's wardrobe. Kick things up a notch with a Sophia Loren–inspired hairdo, which will turn heads and draw attention to your outfit.